Hvad er forskellen mellem "renewed" og "refurbished"?

Renewed and refurbished are two terms used to describe previously owned products that have been restored to working condition. However, there is a slight distinction between the two terms.

Refurbished products are items that were returned to the manufacturer or a third-party refurbisher due to faults, issues, or because the previous owner wanted to sell their old technology. The refurbisher then mends or replaces any defective parts and tests the product to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Refurbished products are frequently sold with a warranty and are often virtually identical to new products.

Renewed products, on the other hand, are generally returned to the retailer or manufacturer for reasons other than faults, such as a change of heart by the buyer or cosmetic damage during transportation. The retailer or manufacturer then restores the product to a condition that is comparable to a new item and tests it to ensure that it functions correctly. Renewed products may or may not come with a warranty, and they may display some signs of use or wear.

In essence, the difference between refurbished and renewed is that refurbished items were originally faulty and have been repaired, whereas renewed items were returned for reasons other than faults and have been restored to a like-new condition. However, both terms refer to previously owned items that have been restored to a functional condition and are often sold at a reduced price compared to new items.

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