Hos Bloomtree stræber vi efter at give nyt liv til brugt teknologi af høj kvalitet, som kan opfylde vores kunders behov for bedre priser sammenlignet med nye produkter. ved at købe brugt elektronik bidrager vi til en cirkulær økonomi ved at få mere ud af vores værdifulde ressourcer og energi, som ellers ville blive brugt til produktion af nye produkter.

Bloomtree DNA


As technology advances and our dependency grows, we need to rethink our purchasing habits. A lot of e-waste is created by products we consider obsolete, despite still having a useful life. Our vision for the future is for more technology to be repaired, reused, or repurposed to increase the lifecycle of assets and their materials. We strive to be an example for the industry - a company that positively impacts the environment through our sustainable strategies, so the trend toward a circular e


Here at Bloomtree IT, we want to provide affordable and reliable technology to our customers. We do this by bringing fully functional and cosmetically suitable devices to the market. Too many electronics end up in landfill because they are considered too old or unusable by first-time owners. We bring them in, refurbish and repair them, and give a minimum 2-year warranty to provide the best value to people looking for high affordability and quality.



A small team of extremely dedicated professionals with money back guarantee and extended warranties.


A proactive environmental focus, where every buyer reduces waste and contributes to a circular economy.


Our technology is only acquired from trusted sources and refurbished to a 100% guaranteed standard.

How It Works


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